Sunday, May 29, 2016

Route 42 has us coming back for more

It was a rough week. Rough enough that I just realized Sunday morning that I missed #FoodPornFriday. Sorry about that. To make up for it have this amazing Shepherd's Pie from Route 42 Diner.

I did up a full review of Route 42 back in 2013. You can check it out here. Back then it was my first time there and we loved it. I'm happy to report we have been back many times and we still love it. I also find it amusing that my wife and I still order pretty much the same thing. I'm still loving the Shepherd's Pie and my wife still gets The Yellow Burger every time we go. The one addition is that my wife always gets some of their Pineapple Jam to go.

The one thing I do see that seems to have changed is free desert with every meal. I noted last time that I got to get piece of spice cake or rice pudding. It looks like those are no longer included. A bit of a shame but I have to admit I didn't even notice this change and would have totally forgotten about it if it wasn't for re-reading my old review for this post.

My parents love this place. The kids love it. We love it. Route 42 has become a local favourite of ours. Lastly: don't forget that order of mini donuts to go!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Have you tried Gyro Pizza from Roma's? #FoodPornFriday

This Friday's #FoodPornFriday post isn't being shared for the awesome picture, I'm sharing it because I think more people need to know this exists:

This is Gyro Pizza from Roma's Pizza in LaSalle. It is one of the most amazing tasting things out there that I think everyone needs to try it at least once. Take a Windsor style pizza but swap up the sauce and toppings for gyro ingredients. Instead of tomato based sauce, they use Taziki. The cheese is your standard awesome Galati cheese. On top of that, they toss gyro meat, onion and tomato for a really unique pie. 

I used to work out on that end of town, out by the race track, and delivered gyro pizza from Roma's was a Saturday shift lunch favourite. Out of town guests, time to order some Roma's. Work has since re-located and I live in Riverside, but I'm still willing to take the long(ish) drive out to LaSalle just to get Roma's every couple of weeks.

You can try one of these unique pizza pies for $13 for a baby or go all out and throw a party with a King for $43. Roma's is located at 221 Front Road in LaSalle Ontario. They do dine in and delivery but, if you are in Windsor, they don't reach too far into the city. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

#FoodPornFriday featuring Yami Sushi

Today's #FoodPornFriday is also a #FishFriday post, sorta. #FishFriday is not my thing at all. In general I can't stand fish. You can convince me to eat a tuna sandwich now and then but that's about it. For some reason though I love sushi. I don't get it. There's quite a bit in most sushi I don't like and it's not just the fish. I don't like cucumber, avocado or crab. But for some reason when you put that all together with some sticky rice I'm in heaven.

This fantastic looking Sushi boat comes from Yami Sushi located at 1459 Ottawa St. We've only gone the one time and the food was decent. All of their sushi is ala carte, no all you can eat for $20, which personally I think is a good thing. In addition to sushi you can also get a variety of Korean dishes. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Big Dude is back for #FoodPornFriday featuring Etta's Greeklish Eatery

The Big Dude is back! Just in time for #FoodPornFriday

For the past year (plus a few months) my day job went a bit nuts. I was working an insane number of hours and just didn't find time to update this blog (as well as my other gaming related one The Windsor Gaming Resource). Well things are finally starting to slow down and that means more time for the things I love. Like gaming and great food.

In celebration of my return on #FoodPornFriday I give you The Meat Lovers Casserole from Etta's Greeklish Eatery. Homefries covered with ham, bacon, prosciutto, sausage, 3 scrambled eggs and enough cheese to make this a very happy Big Dude.

Not the cheapest breakfast at $12.50 but so good, it's worth it. To be honest I think there's probably more than enough food here to split this between two people, which makes this a very reasonable meal for two.

You can find Etta's in Olde Riverside at 5975 Wyandotte St. E. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

#FoodPornFriday Breakfast Poutine from the St. Joachim Diner

My wife and I have been meaning to try the St. Joachim Diner for a couple years now. It was featured on You Gotta Eat Here and I've heard nothing but good things. The problem is that it's not really close to home. St. Joachim is about an hour drive for us. That's a long way to go just for food. 

What finally changed that is that I learned that there is an outdoor farmers market in Belle River on Sundays. The same day as the farmer's market at the Riverside Sportsman's club. Now if I start out from my house and head out to Tecumseh, I'm about half way to Belle River. Then if I continue on to Belle River, it's really not all that far to St. Joachim. Sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday morning eh?

Well that's exactly what we did last weekend and it was awesome. Got some great cheese, baked goods and vegetables at the farmers market and found out exactly why the St. Joachim Diner has the reputation it does. 

The place looks like it's right out of the 70s. The outside looks, well, lets just say I wouldn't stop there if it hadn't been strongly recommended. But man the food is good! The portions are huge. The menu has a great selection of items. They were great with the kids and have a great kids menu.

That huge picture up there is their version of Breakfast Poutine, which was only $9.50 for that huge plate of food. That is a plate of fresh cut home fries topped with bacon, ham, sausage, tomatoes, green onions, montreal style cheese curds, and a poached egg, all smothered in hollandaise.

The real shining piece of the dish was those fresh cut home fries. They were amazing. They reminded me of the Irish Nachos from The Kildare House (which they may or may not still serve, but I used to love). I strongly suggest whatever you order for breakfast you get something with those fries. The rest of it was amazing as well, but the fries made the dish.

My wife got the Fish Taco which really wasn't a taco, but rather a Naan wrap. She noted that it was amazing and one of the best things she's eaten. Ever. That after our great food filled trip to London last weekend.

We went for breakfast but will be heading back for dinner at some point. I really want to try the burgers that got them on You Gotta Eat Here. Especially The County Road Pizza, which is a Burger not a pizza. Here, just read this description: 7oz. burger with panko fried mozzarella, sauteed pepperoni, bacon and tomato sauce on a fresh baked bun, served with breaded mushrooms and creamy dill dip. 

Seriously if you haven't checked this place out yet and you are in Windsor Essex you need to fix that or you are doing yourself a disservice. I expect to be back many times. I expect that our 'farmer's market tour of essex county ending at the St. Joachim Diner' will become a regular Summer Sunday outing for us.

Friday, July 10, 2015

#FoodPornFriday is back with a Toad in the Hole from The Early Bird

It's back. #FoodPornFriday is back! No clue if I'll be able to keep this up with my current work schedule but I'm going to try.

This beauty is the most unique Toad in a Hole I've ever seen. It was what my wife ordered when we checked out The Early Bird in London Ontario last weekend. Normally a Toad in the Hole is just a piece of toast with a circle cut out of it and an egg fried in that hole. Not this one.

The Early Bird's Toad in a hold is a Fresh egg fried in a toast ring, thick sliced tomato, pan seared with garlic and herbs, organic pea tenders, baby arugula, chevre cheese and crisp avocado tempura.

Not really my kind of food but I had to admit it looked impressive. My wife said it was one of the best breakfast meals she's ever had.

Monday, July 6, 2015

A monstrous helping of breakfast from The Early Bird

Had some amazing food this weekend in London, Ontario. A big thanks goes out to all the people who gave me some great suggestions on places to eat with a family of four with young kids. This is the first of a few #FoodPorn pics I'll be sharing from the trip.

This was our Saturday morning breakfast from a great small place downtown called The Early Bird.

This monstrosity is the Pancake Stacker. A half stack order. Yes I said the "half stack"! I can't even imagine how much food would be in a full stack. This could have fed out entire family of four. It consists of pancakes stacked and layered with smoked bacon, peameal bacon, potato hash and topped with a fried egg. All smothered in maple syrup.