Friday, August 26, 2016

The biggest, best sandwich in Windsor #FoodPornFriday

I think there are plenty of Windsorites that can identify this #FoodPornFriday post. Even if they don't know that it's Bill's Big Boy with a side of Dillon Fries, they probably know it comes from Bubi's Awesome Eats.

Bubi's is one of those places you bring your out of town friends when they come to Windsor. They have been featured on You've Gotta Eat Here and for good reason. They have unique fantastic food that's "Garlicky Good!"

This massive sandwich has bacon, ham, turkey, gyro meat, lettuce, tons of cheese and Bubi's Sauce speared between Bubi' fresh made Garlick'd Rye bread. It's one of the best sandwiches in the area and one of the best I've had, ever. 

One of my favourite things to do in the summer is sit on Bubi's patio with a pint of Barking Squirrel and one of these massive sandwiches. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

The best thing I've ever eaten at Jack's Gastropub #FoodPornFriday

This isn't the first time I've featured Jack's Gastropub for #FoodPornFriday and I'm sure it won't be the last. Jack's is our favourite place to eat. The only thing that stops us from going there more often is the fact it's out in Kingsville and not here in Windsor.

I had to share this particular meal this week because it was the best thing I've ever eaten at Jack's. If you follow me on social media you must realize that is saying a lot. We love Jack's, I don't think I've ever had a bad meal and I've had many amazing ones. This dish topped all of them. 

What you see here is Fried Chicken Scaloppine: Cornflake breaded chicken cutlet, summer potato salad, grilled marinated tomato, warm biscuit and sausage gravy. 

Now Jack's changes their menu every season, so I suggest you head out there before this deslish dish disappears. Personally we've already booked a table for next Saturday.

Friday, August 5, 2016

European Market has awesome pre-made food at a great price. #FoodPornFriday

The European Market on Walker has been one of our favourite places to go for years. They have an amazing deli counter, sell a wide variety of imported foodstuffs that you can't get anywhere else and they have a great hot food counter.  This is why I was very happy to see they were opening a new, larger location that's closer to home (and to my work). 

The new place is huge and is located at 6415 Tecumseh Rd. East (was a rather terrible all you can eat sushi place before). What I really like at the new place is that the hot food counter is even bigger and has more items. There are now three kinds of pirogi, rice balls, a couple different stews, crepes. turkey and pork schnitzel, three different types of sausage, vegetables, roast potatoes and a whole lot more.

What really made me want to talk about the European Market for #FoodPornFriday is the price. Look at that picture up there: in it you can see eight dumplings, a medium sausage and cabbage, two spinach and ricotta crepes, eighteen cheddar cheese pierogi, four mushroom and sauerkraut pirogi, a medium bacon noodle thing (it's awesome and one of our favourites but I can't remember exactly what it's called), and finally three rice balls. How much do you think that cost me? 


Yes $36.50, for everything you see here. It was too much food for us and still cheaper than pretty much every other take-out meal we've had recently. This provided dinner for two adults and two kids and then lunch for all four of us the next day. Even more impressive is the fact that the food is great. The European Market has some of the best pirogi in the city. The sausage and cabbage is perfect for us as I love the sausage and my wife loves the cabbage. The rice balls were amazing (first time trying those). The only thing we weren't impressed by were the crepes.

So if you are looking for something different for lunch or dinner, I strongly recommend checking out either of the European Market's locations.


Friday, July 29, 2016

The most appetizing French Toast ever! #FoodPornFriday

No clue what happened last weekend. I totally missed Friday. It was like it didn't happen. I guess working 6-7 days a week does that. Of course that also meant that I missed #FoodPornFriday. Sorry about that.

To make up for my mistake here is some of the most appetizing French Toast you will ever see.

For my oldest's birthday we let her pick somewhere to eat. The problem was that I was working afternoon shift at the time, so it had to be somewhere for breakfast or lunch. She picked The Twisted Apron (my kid has good taste). This beauty was the special of the day: Apple, Bacon & Brie Stuffed French Toast.

I wish I could tell you tasted as good as it looks, but I can't. That's because it wasn't my meal. I got my usual Breakfast Poutine (which was awesome). This french toast was what my wife ordered and the fact she wouldn't even give me a bite to try it should be a good indicator on how much she liked it.

Twisted Apron has been a favourite of ours since they opened. The food is always amazing, the service great, the atmosphere relaxed and the prices reasonable. It has the added bonus of a great craft beer selection though that didn't matter much for this particular trip.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Mi Casita redemption for #FoodPornFriday

Enchiladas from Mi Casita are the highlight of today's #FoodPornFriday post.

I have to admit that our first experience with Mi Casita wasn't a pleasant one. The food was decent but the meal ended with us in an argument with the staff over a coupon. They refused to honour a Groupon we had purchased that day before going to the restaurant. Groupon is where we learned about this new Mexican place and what made us decide to try it out. I think Groupon was less than a month old at the time and they made us feel like we were trying to rip them off with some wierd thing we found on the internet. It was not a fun experience. 

Due to this experience it was a long time before we gave Mi Casita a second chance. The closing of El Dorado and the hours at Palenque had us craving Mexican when we couldn't get it. Eventually we decided to try Mi Casita again, but for take out. The food was good. I was treated fine when I picked up the food. Everything seemed alright. We got take out a few more times and each time the food was good to excellent. Each of us found favourite dishes and Mi Casita ended up in the regular take out rotation. It wasn't until tonight that we tried to eat in again, and it was a great experience.

The place looks great (they remodelled relatively recently), the food was even better dine in than take out and, most importantly, the staff was friendly and attentive. I don't know if  there was a change in staff or even management, but I will now happily recommend Mi Casita if you are craving Mexican.

I personally recommend the Enchiladas pictured here. My wife recommends the Chiles Rellenos and the kids say everything on the kids menu is awesome (Kids menus for the win!). Personally I say every mean needs to start with an order of Queso Flamedo, but then again I wish every meal started with flaming cheese and spicy sausage.

Friday, July 8, 2016

My dessert is purple! #FoodPornFriday

Today's #FoodPornFriday post is a follow up to last week's post. This very cool looking dessert also comes from Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine and was my final course from our WindsorEats WinterBites meal.

According to the menu this is called Sapin-Sapin and is a Filipino rice cake made from glutinous rice and coconut milk. What I know is that it tasted as good as it looked cool. I can't think of anything else I've eaten that was purple and yellow like this.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pork Belly from Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine for #FoodPornFriday

This mouth watering #FoodPornFriday picture comes from Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine.

Tropical Hut is hidden away downtown. The address is technically 618 Goyeau but you can't actually see it form Goyeau. You can see it from Wyandotte, and it's right across from the Detroit Windsor Tunnel entrance. Tucked in behind Cash Converters and Capri Pizza.

We first tried Tropical Hut as part of one of WindsorEats events. I think it was Winter Bites, It was one of those deals where you pay one price and pick three courses off a limited menu. What you see here is my entree which was fried Pork Belly. To be honest, I'm not sure it's even on the regular menu. 

What I thought was very cool about Tropical Hut is that it wasn't like any other Asian restaurants. It wasn't trying to be all of Asia on one menu and didn't include those same menu items it seems you find at every Asian restaurant no matter what style of food they claim to be serving. Everything here is home cooked Filipino food.